Monday, July 29, 2013

Eating makes Me Shudder

Do you ever have that one thing that irks you to your very core?  Like, no matter where you are on the sanity scale, this will push you over the edge of the crazy abyss.

For me, this is the sound of eating.  It's tolerable if the eater's mouth is closed, but the nasty sound of saliva losing and gaining suction to different parts of the mouth is just . . . oh, it makes me gag.  This doesn't really register for some people.  It's like no one can hear other people eating but me.  I will concede  that although I try my very best to keep my mouth closed when I eat, I surely (shudder) make these noises too.  I'm never aware of it when I myself am doing the very thing that drives me up the wall.  That's the curse though, isn't it?

And it truly is a curse.  I must go through this torture almost alone, I mean, why does it have to bother me? Why can't I be deaf to the sounds just like most of the rest of the world?  And then, I must keep silent about what makes me tick because it's offensive.  If I told you the sound of your eating was bothering me, you would think I was being jerkish. I totally understand.  If you told me the sound of my eating was bothering you, I would be really offended at you too.  That's why it's a curse.  I'm not right or wrong in having this particular irritation.  The world isn't right or wrong for not having the same irritation that I have.

And now I digress from this rant . . .

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I love it but it hurts so bad . . .

The internet hurts my brain.  Gah, and I hate that.  Finally when I've decided I'm done with the web for that moment (and my brain is pounding just a little, you cursed backlight) then something else pops into my head that I could do, or maybe I get a notification from one of my MANY writing websites, or maybe for some stupid reason I feel the need to blog about my brain hurting only prolonging my computer exposure.

Thing is, I'm a little worried.  It looks like we're stepping into a digital age.  If we start using nothing but electronics with LED retina mega awesome screen display, how will I ever do anything for more than an hour without burning my eyes out and completely frying my brain to ashes?  This is why I never wanted a Kindle Fire, despite how "cool" they are.  I just wanted e-ink display so that I could read and read and read, and continue to read without a problem.  (By the way, the Kindle Paperwhite is fab and I totes love it to death {she says totes mockingly because there is no way on earth she could say that out loud without sounding idiotic.})  Does anyone else have a low tolerance to artificial light? (And by artificial light, I don't mean lamps.)

Ahhhh. (shaking my head)  Actually, I'm not shaking my head.  And, I could have said smh but I felt it would be more classy if I actually typed it out ya know, because immediately when I see smh I don't see "Shaking my head." I just see an S, and M, and an H.  It takes a second for my brain to connect, and then it's lost the feeling that those letters are supposed to portray because you're too busy thinking about what they mean.

Way to go off subject.  Anyway . . .

But seriously, that was just a pointless rant (isn't that what blogs are for?) and I'm gunna go try and do something productive now.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leggings > Pants

Whoever said leggings aren't pants are right.  They aren't pants.  But what if I don't want to wear real pants? But . . . wait, wait, wait, wait.  I haven't ever heard anyone say that yoga pants aren't pants.  You can't just not say that yoga pants aren't pants because they have the word pants in their name.  But we all know why people say leggings aren't pants.  It's because they're so tight.  Technically it's because they're so thin, but if you made equally thin dress pants that didn't hug you like a long lost family member I really don't think anyone would complain.

But . . . you know what?  People have opinions, and rightly so.  I just like wearing leggings, and if they aren't pants, then so be it.  I mean, people have started to not really wear shirts either.  Not that I'm going to do that.  I totally couldn't pull that off.  I just like wearing leggings. (:

I don't know... they're like the comfort of sweatpants and the fashion of skinny jeans, but with a relaxed feeling.  They're an accessory piece technically so they can be dressed down and dressed up easily.  Well... that's my take on it, anyway.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Crazy me...

I change my blog too many times.  Hopefully this will be the last one.

On another note, I'm sort of fed up with figment.  I've gone to wattpad now.  I know, I know, I'm just "social writing website" hopping.  I'll always stay tried and true to scribeslice.  They're my favorite even if the format of the website could be a bit cooler.  I love them anyway.  I'll be adding my book's address on wattpad just for the heck of it.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A helpful of Spirit

I've just got back from an amazing experience I do every summer.  I've spent a week with my spiritual family; people who I know and people who I don't that I love and will continue to love.  And I've spent a week closer to my creator.  I should be as close to him as I can any time of the year, but it's hard.   We all agree to that, and at this place it's just so much easier without the worries of the world pressing in from all sides.

I'm gunna miss everyone dearly.

Another thing I realized this week is how proud I am to be a Methodist. I love our ways.  They conform to me more that I've ever realized, and I'm thankful for John and Charles Wesley for starting the Methodist movement.  Where would I be without them?

Now that the week is over I guess I've got to get back to everyday life, but I will be more enlightened; my faith strengthened.  I'm going to go into my church and make changes for the better.

And I continue Red Silk.

I've joined another writing website, on another note, and I can't decide if this is counterproductive or not.  Sure, it can promote my work and I love getting as much feedback as I can, but are all these websites distracting me from the thing I really should be doing which is writing?  It's just that these websites give me more of a feeling of being a published author than anything else.  I'm not ready for real publishing, and it's perfect for feeling important without foolishly self publishing your books. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not condemning any self publishers, it's just that rarely do you see a self published book flourish.  No, I need a publishing company on my side.  I'm just not ready for the commitment of due dates for manuscripts yet.  I also need to take time and improve my writing before I'm ready for that stage in my writing life)

Back to writing and life.  Goodbye friends, and God Bless.