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Being a writer, I had to start somewhere as a reader, right?  With this I thought I'd decide to focus on the underdogs.  The unpublished ones.  No stars, no ratings, just good, clean potential.  So many of these will be listed from my many favorite writing websites, from or places like that:

Superior by starlightt (Daven McQueen)
Delaney Escott lives in a world where popularity reigns supreme. If you want to be noticed, social status is everything. The government is run by the Superiors: a very exclusive group of individuals who are virtually flawless. They are smarter than us, stronger than us, and to join their ranks is the highest honor. The Superiors pay an annual visit to the top schools in the nation and evaluate the students, choosing one boy and one girl - the most Popular in the school - to go the Capitol and train for Superiority. Delaney thinks that she's the only one indifferent to (and perhaps even suspicious of) the Superiors; until Caleb Payne, the most popular boy in school, approaches her with a request. He has a task for her, one that he believes only she can do. And in completing this task, Delaney discovers that the government is hiding many secrets - and that the truth of the Superiors is far from what people believe it to be.

Star Child: The Cosmic Birth by Paul Day

A Science Fiction Adventure that will take you from the last days of Earth into the far future and the destiny which awaits us all. This book will appeal to fans of science fiction as well as all those who love a good drama, no matter where it's set. The narrative style is easy to read, yet engaging and surprisingly detailed. You will fall in love with the characters, especially the robots, as they learn and grow to become the siblings Tamsin, our protagonist, always wanted. Inspired by some of the best science fiction stories, Arthur C Clarke's "The Songs of Distant Earth" being just one of many, this story is ambitious, as this first book lays the groundwork for two more to follow.

Don't Save My Life by Artsytaco (Leah Lotus at Escaping Normal)

He shouldn't have saved her, he didn't have to. Or at least, that’s what everyone’s told him. To be honest, Emmett doesn't know what to think. The amnesia took every shred of recollection of that tragic day. All he wants is to be able to remember. The only problem with that is he was one of the only two survivors. And according to everyone else, the other survivor, Willa Haldon may as well have died too. 

Willa wants nothing more to do with her life in her secluded South Carolina beach town. She’d give anything to get far away and start new, where she isn't known as the daughter of a killer. But Emmett won’t let her do this, not as long as he is searching for his own closure. Soon the two discover that they have more to fear than the past catching up. Now they have to fight the biggest threat in their lives, falling in love with each other.

Inked by RainWhisker (RainWhisker)

What if you could know what the future holds just by looking at your skin?

Burlap by Lucylaird (lucylaird)

Under the big top of Jensen Three Ring Circus, magical performances abound and tantalize the senses, but when the glitz and glory closes for the night, even the circus world cannot escape madness.

 Acrobat Kate the Great lives and breathes for the tightropes, the trapeze, the aerial hoops. In the air she is a free spirit with boundless joy, but on the ground, she’s a prisoner of unspeakable brutality. As her life spins out of control, a one night dance with the devil lands Kate in Rosenton Home for the Criminally Insane.

 It is here she is determined to make amends with her sins and to find a cure for her insanity. Her ward mates – a charming farm boy from Texas with a bewitching power to calm Kate, an older Mexican woman obsessed with beauty, a fourteen-year old girl who refuses to eat, a bizarrely upbeat young woman with her eyes on the farm boy, a giant with striking green eyes who lets no one in, and a sixteen-year old young man who shows no emotions beyond pure coldness – are the thin threads between her and becoming engulfed by unseen demons.

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