Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

So obviously with this post title I've revealed to you that I celebrate an American holiday.  Do with that what you will.  Seeing as how dangerous it is to reveal too much about yourself on the internet to people you don't know, it was rather stupid of me to start a blog, I realize, If I'm going to be worried about that.  But, I believe I've done a good enough job that you don't know my full, legal name, you don't know where I live, you don't know how old I am, or who my family is, or any of my Facebook and Twitter passwords either. (Not that I ever use Facebook and Twitter.  Those are a waste of my time)

I'm sorry . . . that was way off subject, and to start off with the blog post, too!  My real reason that I powered up my idiotic Dell Microsoft computer (Please, let Mac manna rain down from the heavens into my awaiting arms!) is to tell you that I am celebrating Labor Day Weekend doing . . . nothing!  And on top of that, my keyboard is sticking a little bit... that's annoying.  Or maybe the band-aid on my left middle finger is inhibiting my ability to type smoothly?

*Takes band-aid off*

Ah! My skin feels so weak and vulnerable and GOSH DANG WHY DID I TAKE THAT BAND-AID OFF?  I'm exposed!  My finger is exposed!

Okay . . . calm down.  Sorry for that little episode of weirdness.  (I'm actually not sorry.  If I was sorry I would have deleted that part out of the blog.)  Gosh, I'm so weird.  This blog post isn't even about what I'm doing this Labor Day Weekend because I'm not doing anything this Labor Day Weekend, so what else would I talk about?

You know, the only reason I'm typing this is because I don't feel like typing anything for Red Silk.  It's not that I have a block, I'm just not in the mood. Meh.


I'll tell you why, because if they lived closer I'd never get any writing done.  Or, I just wouldn't hang out with them like I don't hang out with anyone who does live within a mile radius of my house.

I swear, this blog post captures my inner essence, and this is why it must be posted and not deleted.  What else can I ramble on about?  (My keyboard is still sticking... qweretyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./   Huh.  Weird.  It wasn't any of those.  I must be imagining things.)

"I found a dead cat on the side of the road so I took it home and put honey on it then I cooked it then I ate it is that bad to do do do do do . . ."

The above statement just popped into my head and no, it is not a question of my sanity.  It's from Saturday Night Live (paraphrased, mind you) when Kristin Wiig was still on there.  Sometimes stuff like that just pops into my head.  You know what?  I wish Bill Hater hadn't left!  And Seth Meyers. ):  They make that show what it is!

Anyway... my life isn't interesting enough for me to blog about real stuff, and since I'm out of ideas, I guess I'll go.


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