Thursday, June 20, 2013

New to the Blogging world.

Hello blogging world!  Here I am, thinking that I could be significant enough for anyone to want to read a blog about me!

Well, you see, I am a writer.  My life's dream is to be published.  Oh, the best feeling in the world is going to be when I walk into a bookstore, and behold!  There, nestled among many bestsellers could be something of my own creation.

So, this blog.  Why did I create a blog?  I'm still asking myself that question too.  Nobody's going to be interested in what I have to say!  I don't have beauty tips, cooking tips, or family tips that could be spread all around Pinterest for millions to gaggle at.  I'm not published yet, not well known yet.  I'm not even going to put a real picture of myself up, or link myself to any website (Facebook, Twitter) where I could be recognized.  (Sorry guys, stranger danger.)  But, maybe that's the reason.  I could promote my writing without really being seen at all.  Maybe you don't understand, but I'm fairly certain that none of my Facebook or twitter friends give a hoot or holler about my writing pursuits.  Not that you do either.  I guess I'm writing this with the knowledge that no one will read this at all.  Then why are you writing it?  You ask?  I like the novelty of a blog?  I don't know.  I have no clue.

I suppose it doesn't matter what I blog.  I'm thoroughly convinced no one will find it anyway, so what the heck?



  1. Cool! I'm Madeleine, too! Except, y'know, spelled differently. I hope that I can do that, too. I'll be like, "Hey, bro. Whatcha readin' there?" and he'll be like, "Oh, nothin' much. Just your book." :)
    Anyway, how'd you get this font? Like, as the background?

  2. BTW, I'm a bit slow, and I've forgotten how to follow a post. Could you tell me where the button is? :P

  3. Well,if you go to the Blogger Dashboard you have your blogs, and then below that is Reading List. I think you click add, and then put in the URL of my blog to follow it. With the font thing, I clicked Design up in the right hand top corner, and on Advanced there should be ways to change your font and the layout and things like that.


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