Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Prom-Date-Mania Induced Panic

My family finally took down our Christmas stuff yesterday.  It's sort of sad, but I guess it means we have to move on with life and with our year.  I guess I'm alright with that, I mean, I already have to endure mind numbing school again, so what's one more thing?

But . . . what do I have to look forward  to anymore?  I really don't know.  Spring break isn't for another month.  Prom is earlier than usual this year, but honestly prom was pretty lame last year.  And I went with this guy who wouldn't let me dance with anyone else.  Not exactly a good experience.  But what do I do?  It's (and shhh!  This is a secret and you aren't supposed to tell anybody) Gatsby themed.  Kind of just like everybody else in America's prom theme, but, you know.  I have loved the 1920s for FOREVER and my most favorite-est book set in that time period is called Diviners by Libba Bray.

(Oh, she's fabulous.  I just looked it up on amazon.com like a second ago and the second one is out! Guess what I'm spending my money on soon?  Also, I noticed she changed the cover and I'm a little upset because I really liked the art-deco swirls and all-seeing eye thing she had going on.  Boo Libba, why did you do that?  But if that's the only poop she ever does, then I'm still satisfied with her, unlike stupid Veronica Roth who I still think ended her last book idiotically and sometimes wonder if her publisher kidnapped her, tied her up in a closet and wrote the last book against Veronica's will, threatening her family and well being.  I can dream can't I?)

Did I just make a whole paragraph out of that parenthesis? Yes I did.  Anyway, it's Gatsby and there is NO WAY I can pass up the opportunity to buy a flapper dress and slink into that speak-easy themed prom with a Fascinator around my eyes.  Except for: I can't go through prom-date-mania induced panic again.

You know.  When you have no idea who you're going to ask to go with you when you know you can't go by yourself.  I don't know about you, but my school's prom's entrance is just as important as the dress you are wearing and the date that you carry on your arm like a Coach purse.  I don't have a fancy car and I definitely won't walk.  But . . . the guy who I want to go with would never go with me.  I usually leave these "limo" arrangements to the guy, but the guy who I would settle with might actually not go with me either.  You know the drill ladies.  This is prom-date-mania induced panic.  And to top if all off, like I said earlier, prom is EARLIER.  I have to make a decision sooner!  I just want a friend to go to prom with so it'll be fun!  Why does this have to be so hard?  Why did the theme have to be so hard to turn away from?


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